Turnkey Design Integration

Project Feature of Ruentex

     In order to achieve the high-efficiency quality service, Ruentex develops the operation flow and system operation different to other construction business entities of the industry, to provide perfect design plan for the client.


◎Turnkey Design Integration Differentiation                                            

     Ruentex project greatly improves the project integration efficiency, to create the construction project with more values. In the past, the traditional operation of construction is usually that: the architect has no full communication with the professional construction manufacturer in the design phase, so the design is not considered from the construction angle, and there are many conditions that the design is difficult for construction; while Ruentex adopts the “turnkey” to solve the problem of poor communication, to integrate and fully develop the integration of plan and design through the project management.

     Turnkey operation for plan and design: in the design phase, except to horizontally integrate the architecture, structure, electromechanical, landscape, and lighting designs, it could also vertically integrate the vertical operation items as the plan, design,construction and maintenance in the design phase, to perfect the project plan.

     The common contracting method usually has the project interface problem. Such as: unconformity of architecture and electromechanical drawing, construction firm could not actively check the drawing; the design drawing unable to construct or add the budget, construction firm could not check the drawing before construction; space and equipment function insufficient for use, construction firm could not or has no experience to provide review and feedback to the owner and designer; while the owner needs to input much manpower to dispose various interface problem.


     The self expectation of Ruentex project is to not only provide the turnkey contractor of fast service, but also in a further step in the lead of the industry, to become the turnkey integrator able to offer the customer other added value - A Fast Value-Added Total Solution Integrator.

Turnkey Advantage

Make the project responsibility easier to control


In the early phase of the plan, integrate the parallel concept of precast and working procedure into.

The contracting company participating in the design review earlier
Closely coordinating with the building design earlier, innovative design, reducing the waste
Building, structure, electromechanical overall consideration
Reducing the design change in the construction process

Effectively decrease the construction cost and shorten the construction period, increase the added value.

Value project analysis, saving the cost                                                                                    

Synchronous project completion procedure, accelerating the construction period

Greatly improve the project integration efficiency.

Effectively shortening the overall project schedule
Greatly promote the project construction efficiency to make the project change operation purer and systematization


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