Innovation and R&D

Project Feature of Ruentex

     In order to achieve the high-efficiency quality service, Ruentex develops the operation flow and system operation different to other construction business entities of the industry, to provide perfect design plan for the client.

Widening the gap to the competitor through the innovation and R&D is the key to success of the enterprise

     At present, the construction project industry still adopts the traditional construction method, using the intensive labor, and price-cutting competition. Ruentex makes use of the innovation R&D advantage, escaping from the low-price bidding and labor wasting, and establishes the brand. At the same time, the “R&D innovation team” periodically consisted of the professional personnel as doctors and masters have worked and cultivated hard for years, and so far, Ruentex has acquired extraordinary result in the R&D of construction method.

     In the mechanized and industrialized manufacture and production, Ruentex also accumulates plenteous innovative R&D achievements, such as the “Concrete Cheese Slab Vertical and Horizontal Rebar Preassembling”, “Cheese Slab Rebar Assemblage Device”, “Spot Welding Steel Wire Mesh Confined Skeleton”, “One-bar Bending Confined Skeleton”, and “Spiral Skeleton and Main Rebar Combination Structure”, which have been widely applied in the traditional construction method and precast construction method.

     Along with the competitiveness increasing of construction industry, Ruentex keeps developing toward the innovative R&D and information technology application, smoothly widens the gas to the competitor of the industry, and achieves the promotion of utility and efficiency as well as decrease of cost through the sustainable innovation, to create the new construction indicator and find the new territory of construction industry.

◎For the first time the construction industry exceeds the high-tech industry: Ruentex won the gold prize, while UMC won the silver prize


◎Purpose for R&D and Improvement

  • Create value for the client
  • Quality steady, ensure the structure safety
  • Rapid construction, shorten the construction period
  • Cost reduction, efficiency promotion
  • Mechanized mass production, reducing the dependence of technician
  • Environmental protection



◎Patent List




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