Project Feature of Ruentex

     In order to achieve the high-efficiency quality service, Ruentex develops the operation flow and system operation different to other construction business entities of the industry, to provide perfect design plan for the client.


◎Spiritual Indicators

  • EHS Requirement
    ◆Purpose of 6S is to reduce the opportunity of accidents, injuries and deaths through various preventive measures.
    ◆Safe and tidy construction site is not only the good work environment for the working personnel, but also the important external measurement indicator of quality.
  • External Competition
    ◆Quality is the first competitive factor, and the generalized quality includes the good discipline, good EHS, and good communication.
    ◆We shall compete depending on the quality and service, to win the client trust and complete the client contract through the precise plan and accurate construction, rather than low price, price cutting, or jerry built method.
  • Management Action
    ◆Project personnel shall indeed control various management data, including the amount of each main construction items, unit price and budget difference analysis.
    ◆In the daily coordination meeting (morning meeting), it shall coordinate the using of work type, space, generatrix, material and equipment, to develop the maximum efficiency, and reduce the conflict and interference of different work items. And the inspection meeting shall be held daily after work, to review the connection of finished quality, quantity, EHS, and work type, and plan the work of next day.


◎EHS Policy and Concept

  • EHS Policy
    ◆Maintain the life safety: respect for life, safety first, zero accident, zero disaster.
    ◆Practice the environmental protection: public hazard reduction, pollution prevention, energy saving, and resource recycle.
  • EHS Concept
    ◆EHS is the generalized quality, as well as the extension of business. 
    ◆Messy environment shall cover the quality and safety.
    ◆One person represents one family, and never let any one get injured.


◎6S Culture

      Ruentex Group has promoted 5S motion for years, which has become one part of the enterprise culture. Mr. Yin, Samuel, Group President deeply feels the importance of safety, and in order to promote the Group employee’s safety awareness, adds the “Safety” into the 5S, to make the safety first and form 6S (SAFETY, SEIRI, SEUTON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE). To practice this concept, Ruentex stipulates and implements the strict 6S related regulations and methods, and mobilizes all levels to force the EHS responsibility system, to make the 6S promotion with completed execution standard and management method. For Ruentex, the promotion of 6S equals to mould a brand new enterprise culture. The 6S promotion of construction team has been integrated into the routine management, as part of the work, which not only requires the inside and outside environment of the company office fitting for the standard, but also remoulds the construction site environment through 6S motion. In our awareness, we have deeply realized that it must remould the messy and dangerous “status” of construction site in order to promote the overall competition enterprise image, and establish the good work environment quality, to promote 6S motion, practice the safety maintenance and cleaning to form the habitat, and jointly mould the safe and comfortable work environment. Under the intensive consensus and great promotion of 6S motion, all colleagues aim to create the orderly, safe and comfortable construction environment as own duty, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and build the excellent quality, as well as avoiding the hidden construction hazard of messy construction site. The meaning of 6S is generally described as below:

  • Meaning of 6S

    1. SAFETY:
     Danger foreseeing, and prevention 
    2. SEIRI (Japanese):
     Distinguish the necessary articles to the unnecessary articles, and eliminate the unnecessary
    3. SEUTON (Japanese):
     Classify the necessary articles, and place in alignment where easy to get

    4. SEISO (Japanese) :
     Wipe and clean the work area, and maintain cleanly

    5. SEIKETSU (Japanese) 
     Personal dressing, appearance, and behavior shall fit for the company regulations

    6. SHITSUKE (Japanese) 
     Indeed complete the SAFETY, SEIRI, SEUTON, SEISO, and SEIKETSU, and form the good work habitat.


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