Complex High-Tech Construction Method

High-efficiency complex precast method is one main feature of Ruentex, as well as one main advantage, which has built many unprecedented records of rapid construction.

In the construction project industry, Ruentex is honored as the “untraditional team in the traditional industry”, depending on the particular precast complex construction method, providing the rapid construction service of “plant construction in hundred days”, and rapidly rising in the high-tech plant construction project market; so far, it has successively completed the new plant construction projects of famous high-tech enterprises as Acer, Passion Semiconductor, Coretronic, HannStar, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Chimei Innolux, Rohm and Haas, HTC, and American 3M; it is even “exported” to Singapore to apply in the of wafer plant project UMC. In there years, Ruentex also strives to promote this technology to various types of projects; no matter the high-quality villa or large-scale supermarket requiring high speed are all within the applicable scope of the precast construction method. Our technology and quality also acquire the good graces and preference of using in the industry, to convert the special construction method to the enterprise competitiveness, and form the gap the competitors difficult to catch.

Ruentex Complex Half-Precast Construction Method


  • What is the half-precast construction method
    The structure of precast remains the structure interface part not precasted, which is left for on-site concrete casting, to connect the component precasted in the plant, such as the precast column, precast beam and floor slab. This precast construction method remaining the partial concrete casting on site is called the half-precast construction method.


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