High-Quality and High-Efficiency Innovative Technology

The precast construction method reforms the previous operation procedure, to process the work of each link at the same time, greatly reduce the costs as labor and construction time, and effectively shorten the construction period.

RC precast construction method is to complete the most work projects in the plant which previously need to be done on site, including the main components as beam, column, and slab, which could all be produced in the precast method technically.

And the work projects to be done on the construction site just remain the component assembly, rebar connection, and limited concrete casting, which reduces the on-site workload to the minimum, while the precast component production in the plant could greatly use the machine and hoist equipment, so the labor and time could be decreased greatly.

In the plant, the one-stop production line operation could avoid the requirement for most technical work types, and the ordinary labor after training could be competent, so the labor cost shall be decreased greatly.

In addition, not affected by the weather and precise schedule control are the reasons for RC precast construction method able to shorten the construction period. Generally speaking, the following features of construction method are the key characteristics of RC precast construction method:

High Quality

Adopt the ISO 9001 approved procedure, based on the industrialized steel mould, horizontal production and concrete indoor casting and maintenance, to ensure the precast component quality. The plant production, stable environment, not affected by the weather, machinery equipment manufacture, operation standardization, small demand to technician, artificial controlled casting and maintenance environment, and adopting the steel mould for precise production.




Reasonable Cost

Through the standardization, mould, and automatic design production flow, to simplify the management flow, adding the overall construction period shortening derivative capital efficiency, saves the total cost. The cost of steel structure is 40-50% higher than the traditional RC, which is generally recognized in the industry, while the precast structure cost is a little higher than the traditional RC cost, which shall be competitive, and the precast technology could save 30% construction period, so it could have revenue in advance and reduce the interest expense.




Short Construction Period

All the precast structure components are produced and manufactured in the plant in advance, and assembled on the construction site by the machinery equipment, avoiding the erection of external scaffold, so the outer wall decoration could be proceeded synchronously, to effectively shorten the construction period.






At least 7 days shorter for one floor of the structure

Technically, precast structure: 7 days for one floor, while the traditional structure: 14 days reported to check once.

One floor upper for precast structure construction and one floor lower for decoration

Avoid the fireproof cover, predust, and erection of scaffold, the precast structure could be constructed synchronously with the decoration, electromechanical and equipment engineering, and technically, the use license could be applied 45 days after the precast structure completed.

EHS and Environmental Protection

Not using the traditional timber formwork in the project site, it could save the forest resource, with the environmental protection concept; the construction site is tidy and clean, avoiding the erection of external scaffold, effectively reducing the construction safety accident, and benefit for the EHS management.

Reduce the garbage, dust, and noise; without timber mould, good for forest conservation
Construction site is clean and safe 
Formwork free, little support
No need of dangerous work site inspection

Excellent Shock-Proof Feature

Entrusting NTU Earthquake Center for structure test, its suffered stress and deflection behavior are similar to the traditional RC, and the precast structure is applied to Acer Network Data Center, whose shock proof capability reaches 7 grade of strength.

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