Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the past fifty years, we have always insisted that we should keep an earnest and diligent position to steadily and ceaselessly develop our business in the construction realm.

To stick to the principle of 「assisting the needed bodies in society with gratefulness」, we have actively engaged in various social charitable activities and provided different scholarships for the needed bodies.  Namely, we have always fulfilled our social responsibilities with full dedication.


To honor Mr. Yin, Xun-Ruo, father of Mr. Yin, Shu-Tien, to follow the principle of 「profit-sharing spread over the entire society to facilitate secure and sufficient livelihood」and to elaborate the Chinese culture, we founded an 「Educational Foundation to Honor Mr. Yin, Xun-Ruo」as a non-profit juristic person, in November, 1974.

Main Purposes:
Providing the financial assistance to the excellent and needy students, and the children of the  employees serving in public and military services.

Providing the financial assistance to the teachers and the researchers studying in the cultural and educational institutes to conduct their researches.

        Donating financial support to various cultural and educational institutes.

        Donating financial support to different social welfare organizations and first aid groups.



Dr. Yin, Samuel has personally contributed a fund to establish Mr. Yin, Shu-Tien’s Memorial Hospital as a non-profit juristic person to honor Mr. Yin, Shu-Tien’s, Ruentex’ founder, enthusiasm in public affairs and benevolent heart.  The hospital has retained a first-class medical team, well equipped with the advanced medical facilities, and adopted a humane management system to provide a professional and comfortable service with a high standard of quality.




Caring Senior Citizens

To provide the senior citizens a secure, pleasant and comfortable model community, we have built 「Ruenful Refreshing Life」, the first five-star and hotel-like apartment designed specifically for the seniors in Taiwan.  In addition, it can provide the first-class diet, medical service, security, recreation and all-around software & hardware caring services in daily life, so the children feel comfortable about our professional service rendered to their senior relatives.  More importantly, the seniors may hold a positive and optimistic attitude and dignifiedly enjoy their own new retirement life in our community.  All the employees working in the community have always been grateful to provide the seniors with a secure, cozy, and pleasant living environment and wanted to dedicate their efforts to the seniors.




Rehabilitation after 921 Catastrophe

We have not only donated NTD 110 million but also engaged in the design and construction to perform the “Project of Hope Engineering” planned to rehabilitate the collapsed Hsin She Elementary School even though the rehabilitation of such school was Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation’s responsibility.  In addition, such project was the first one to be completed in the catastrophic area with high standards of quality and EHS, and efficient construction management.  Furthermore, after the 921 Earthquake, RT-Mart located at Taichung and Yunlin have consecutively supplied various and sufficient goods to Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation and Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Foundation to help the suffered people in time.  Moreover, RT-Mart located at Taichung has also promptly set up 「a distribution center」to allocate the goods donated by the enthusiastic people to the needed people in the catastrophic area.  In summary, we have well converted our commodity-distribution mechanism to an efficient vehicle to support the operations of various rescue missions.  Resultantly, we have not only earned high commendation from the local residents and the charitable groups but also received the Golden-Stone Award.



Inviting the international renowned orchestra to perform in Taiwan: Ruentex Group invited the international renowned orchestra “Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra” to perform in Taiwan on April 30, 1995. After the splendid performance of Leipzig Orchestra, Ruentex Group Yin Shu-Tien Memorial Hospital offered 1000 tickets of French pipe organ master Louis Vierne “Blind Music Travel” for the blind persons, the aged over 70 and other disabled persons.

Sponsoring the Asian Art Activity, communicating the Asian artistic image and cultural feature: In August of 1998, Ruentex Group sponsored two realism operas “Country Rider” and “Clown”, not only providing the stage for Asian professional opera singers, but also leading the Asian opera to the international stage.


Mainland China


After the Mainland China and Taiwan open for communication in 1989, Ruentex Group established the “Kwang-Hua Scholarship” in the Mainland China, in at least 27 universities and colleges, and there are over 70,000 person-times in the Mainland China accepting the scholarship, with issued amount over RMB 50 million. In 1996, it donated over NTD 1 billion to found the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, etc., and RMB 100 million to Zhejiang University on behalf of Kwang-Hua Education Foundation, for the construction of Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School.

Over ten years, it has founded three schools in Mainland China in the name of the foundation, including Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Pacific Financial Institute, Fudan University.

Except for donating to found schools, it also donated to found Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, and Academy of Scholarship called China Nobel Prize, jointly with other Taiwan enterprises in the name of Tzu Chi Foundation.


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