Innovative R&D to Pursue High Quality

To earn the client’s 100% satisfactory smile, we have taken providing persistent high quality service and innovative R&D to our client as the core management concept and becoming an all-around comprehensive construction conglomerate as our goal, and continued to maximize the client’s benefit by the integration of the resources. 

Management Concept

Ruentex was originally affiliated to Ruentex’ Conglomerate.  To stick to the principle of 「profit-sharing spread over the entire society to facilitate secure and sufficient livelihood」initiated by Ruentex’ founder, Mr. Yin, Shu-Tien, we have consistently insisted on the doctrine of 「innovation, professionalism and high quality service」.  By doing so, along with a steady financial support provided by Ruentex Conglomerate, we have always been in a leading position in the competitive construction business.

We always take 「the individual self-motivation, the client’s satisfaction, the innovative R&D and the integration of various teams」as our core tenet and emphasize the guidelines of 「fostering cultural quality and individual aptitude, advancing technology, and promoting reputation」.  To stimulate a more promising performance, we have to persistently conduct the innovative R&D, provide the best quality of the service to our client, and create the maximum value of our service for our clients.

Leader to insist on pursuing the innovative technique


Maximizing the Benefit of the Best Integration to Earn the Client’s Satisfaction

Ruentex was established in 1975 as a professional contractor to engage in the civil and architectural construction business, which included the complex housings, the villa, the office building and the high-tech plant, etc.  As a Class A contractor and by gathering the excellent engineers specializing in design, planning, and construction & project management, we have undertaken various projects starting from the planning and design to the construction or the turnkey management; particularly in the manufacturing process of the precast concrete members and the integration of the E/M engineering.  Thus, we are one of few professional contractors who can integrate various engineering disciplines for any complicated project.  In addition, with a unique professional technique in manufacturing the precast concrete members, a creative R&D team and various patented technologies, we have earned the recognitions derived from national quality awards and different engineering prizes; resultantly, our superior performance has been differentiated from that of other contractors in the construction business.

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