Control the construction management by the information technology

E-management system could effectively control the procedure proceeding smoothly, and ensure the product level, to greatly improve the project management efficiency.

E-management Purpose of Ruentex Project

In order to achieve the project completed in time and within the cost budget and project scope, with high quality, as well as the ultimate aim of owner satisfaction, Ruentex Construction Team dedicates to put the concept of project management practically into the project execution control level, to offer the optimum environment and function of more effective operation for the project team. Ruentex reaches this goal through several ways and arrangements, including assisting the project management training, providing the control software tool, supporting the technological and administrative management, establishing the project control standard, developing the project flow and offering the management opinion, to improve the management efficiency and the efficiency of manager to the project management. For the purpose of effective control of the project process smoothly and establishment of the completed standard system, it is necessary to provide the database storing the project experience, and Ruentex Construction Team especially devotes to reform the traditional management tool and establish the E-management system. 

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